FAQs for SkyPark Residences home owners

Q1 Do I need to apply for approval for any renovation works to my unit?

Yes, before carrying out any renovation involving alterations or additions to the unit, you need to apply for approval from the Management Office and place a renovation deposit as security for observance of house rules and disposal of debris. Where applicable, you are also required to obtain written approval from the relevant authorities and submit a copy of such approval to the Management Office for record before commencement of any works.

Q2 Can I install grilles?

Yes, you may install grilles to your door, window or balcony, you will need to apply for approval from the Management Office and place a renovation deposit as security for observance of house rules and disposal of debris. To maintain consistency of the building facade, residents who wish to install grilles are to adhere to the approved design and colour as per in your Handover kit, or you may obtain a copy from the Management Office.

Q3 When can I start using the common facilities?

The recreational facilities are open for use from the date of TOP subject to licensing requirement. Booking of common facilities such as BBQ pits and function rooms can be made at the Management Office. You may refer to the Management Office for charges, if any, for the use of common facilities.

Q4 Can I use the common facilities if I have not moved into my unit yet?

You may use the common facilities once you have collected your key. The recreational facilities are for the exclusive use of residents and their guests.

Q5 Do I have to apply for a parking lot?

Each unit is entitled to one carpark lot, you will need to apply for a carpark lot using the Application Form in the Resident’s Handbook together with your IU number for registration at the Management Office. You may also refer to the Management Office for any enquiries. If you require more than one carpark lot, please apply through the Management Office and do note that it is subject to availability.

Q6 How do I apply for utilities?

You may apply for utilities in person at the Singapore Power branches or online at their website http://www.singaporepower.com.sg/ under e-services Open a Utilities Account for Residential Premises

Q7 How do I contact SkyPark Residences Management office?

The Management office is managed by the appointed Managing Agent, Knight Frank Property Asset Management. Their duties include:

  1. Managing the common property of the estate
  2. Renovation matters
  3. Moving in matters
  4. Booking of facilities
Location:SkyPark Residences Clubhouse, Management Office
Opening Hours:Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm (Lunch 12pm – 1.30pm)
Saturdays (Alternate Off) 9am – 12.30pm
Contact number:6257 3905
Email address:skyparkres@singnet.com.sg

Q8 How do I give feedback about defects in my purchased unit?

You will be given an Inspection Record form on the day that you collect the keys to your purchased unit. Complete the form accordingly and submit it to the Building Service Centre for the Customer Service Officer to arrange for a joint inspection.

Contact number:6481 9360
Email address:skyparkresidences2016@gmail.com

SkyPark Residences enquiries

For further enquiries, please call 9384 2283, Monday to Friday, from 10am to 5pm or via email at contact@skyparkresidences.com.sg

DISCLAIMER: The above FAQ is provided for general information only and may not be completely accurate in every circumstance and is subject to change without notice. The information provided is not legal advice and is not to be acted on or relied upon as such The above FAQ is not intended to be legally binding on the developer or any other parties in any particular case. All details may be changed without notice.